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But mostly DELIGHTED and VICTORIOUS! Even if this story is far from over yet.


Thank you so much to everyone who's been reading and commenting! I am a vain creature, and appreciate both the feedback and the cheerleading more than I can say.
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Yesterday was a complete no-go, so tonight I get to write a little over 3K in order to catch up. I think I know how I want to do it, but we'll see how it works. It almost certainly won't be ready for posting tonight, and since I'm a weirdo and like symmetry in my journal calendars, here's a small spread of the things I absolutely need for NaNo.

Yeah, this isn't going to be pretty. )
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Well, midnight approaches and I'm on track to spend the beginning of NaNo sick as a dog. I slept from 2 to 6, so I guess at least I'll have my word count up by the time I wake up tomorrow. I have hot chocolate, I have tea, and best of all, thanks to this collection of word count meters, I've found one that I really like, since Zokutou seems to have bitten the dust.

This is likely to be my last public post for a while. If I've missed anyone who would like to read The Falling Woman as it's spit out, please comment or fill out the poll below. Good luck and happy writing, everybody!

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[personal profile] skygiants, you'll be pleased to know that I just ordered a copy of Flygirl, which I'm planning to use as my reward to myself for reaching my daily wordcount for NaNo.

I've also decided that the proper verb to describe this coming month is "novelectomy."

Last night I literally had to ask [personal profile] oliviacirce to yell at me if I wasn't asleep by midnight. I was going through the outline I came up with and trying to answer some of the questions I'd left blank. Why can't Cethe seek out the witches herself? Why wouldn't Rhona leave town alone? Why does Eudora let Imber leave? Some I solved and some I changed. It feels like connecting the dots in advance, rather than making a Frodo-and-Aragon-in-Moria-style leap when I get there, which is nice.

One thing I'm realizing is for all the world-building texture I've created, I still don't actually know what most of the locations are going to be called. The story starts in Traitorsburgh; the country where the Quiet Sisters hail from is called Hecatia. That's all in terms of specifics. Given how I love Invisible Cities (my setting tag is italo calvino sends his regards), I may wind up giving every town or city people names. Either way, at least one is Helena.

I'm also in the somewhat hilarious position of finding that all my protagonists are women, and two of my main antagonists are male (not men, but certainly not female). Go figure. (I'm probably not using "hilarious" correctly in any way shape or form, but I guess I'm just amused that anyone would find it difficult or objectionable to have a mostly-female cast in a non-romance story. I love these ladies and we haven't even started yet!) ("Amused" may not be the word you're looking for either, but I need to stop with these edits, because, if you'll note the time, I'm really not supposed to be here.)
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